Academic Research and Educational Resources

Empirical studies under way:

  • YUConnects gathered data from the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Schools to learn more aboutthe current formal and informal relationship building curriculum. Th is information will assist YUConnects in developing additional material to prepare our youth for the relationship building years.
  • A doctoral study is being conducted in partnership with Dr. Chani Maybruch, founder of The Relationship Couple and YUConnects, exploring factors that Orthodox Jewish married individuals reported to be important for choosing a spouse (using data from the Maybruch study, 2012).
  • Survey polling Connectors post an engagement (of a match they facilitated) examining the skills and tasks they implemented breeding to their success. This information helps improve our Connector training and maximize the efforts of new and seasoned matchmakers.

To learn more about research opportunities available at YUConnects, please contact Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky at

Broad Educational Resources

  • Including dating workshops, pre-marital and early marriage sessions for couples, a referral network of relationship building experts.

For more information regarding educational resources, please contact