Mask Off!  Don’t miss Pre-Purim VIRTUAL GAME NIGHT Tuesday, February 23rd at 8:30 pm EST Professionally hosted by Digital Dov and featuring interactive games, breakout rooms and tons of fun! Limited space so sign up today. Single Young Professionals ages 25 – 32 Cost $10

Charity Walk-a-thon

Charity Walk-a-thon in Teaneck, NJ area
Sunday, August 23 @ 9:30 a.m.
Modern Orthodox Machmir ages 25-33
Checkpoints for meeting opportunities and top matchmakers in attendance.
Covid Kosher: Masks & social distancing

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Presented by: Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner Date: 4-part series: May 17, 19, 24, and 26 at 8-9:30 PM (EDT) Description:  Marriage workshop designed for couples, based on the scientific research of Dr. John Gottman’s best-selling book: The 7 Principles  for Making Marriage Work. Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner, a noted marriage therapist and captivating speaker, is offering the 6-hour course at a deep discount, with…

The New World of Dating – Zoom Webinar

March 26, 2020- Zoom webinar dealing with Dating in the time of social distancing due to Covid-19. Rabbi Dr. Glatt, Rabbi Willig, Rabbi Dr. Schwartz, and Mrs. Mindy Eisenman spoke. Moderated by Rabbi Yaakov Glasser. Recording is available on YUTorah

This event is “Not for You.”
Join YUConnects for a networking night to find dates for others through the Israeli craze “matchup.”
Saturday Night, January 11th, 8 p.m.
Woodmere, NY – exact location upon confirmation.

Who should attend? Modern Orthodox singles ages 27-38

How does it work? Attendees will all be asked to bring at least one profile (or info) of a man and of a woman who is interested in being matched up. Attendees can present a person of any age or religious orientation. The night will run similar to speed dating but the discussions will be about making dates for others. Periodic breaks will allow matchmaking via text/whatsapp etc with dates made on the spot. Prizes awarded to participants who are successful. There will be follow-up and matchmakers will also be in attendance to facilitate. Let your inner “shadchan” come alive!