Chesed Event for Young Professionals!

Help with two mitzvot in a special Chesed event before Nachamu!  Assist Tomchei Shabbos of Queens and deliver packages to needy families.

Small groups of singles will be assigned specific delivery routes;  brainstorm together and think of possible match ideas for each other!

Chulent and kugel will be served beforehand.

Meet at Carlos & Gabbys in Queens after the event for more mingling, food and opportunity to meet excellent matchmakers!

Wednesday, July 25th at 7pm

Ages 25-35

$18 suggested tzedakah contribution paid at event.

Exact Queens location given upon confirmation.

Pick-up available from LIRR.

Parking nearby. PREFERENCE given to the women who have a car

and will drive (men will be the box shleppers…)

Limited spots.

Click here to apply.

Questions? Call Marjorie Glatt 516-603-8141 or email