YUConnects Dating and Relationship Specialist Referral List

* This listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of these therapists.
Relationship Building Specialists Contact Info
Los Angeles, CA
Marcia Teichman, MFT (Los Angeles, CA) 310-247-0085
Henderson, NV
Mr. Yitzi Bardos (Henderson, NV)-Skype sessions 702-703-4097
Dr. Sheri Bardos, PsyD (Henderson, NV)- Skype sessions 702-487-9169
Passaic, NJ
Fran Ackerman, LCSW (Highland Park, NJ) 732-828-0844
Dr. Miriam Adler (Passaic, NJ) 973-815-0777 x 201
Dr. Shira Freudenberger (Clifton, NJ) 973-798-8446
Jeanne Lankin, LCSW (Highland Park, NJ) 609-395-8227
Rabbi Shmuel and Dr. Chani Maybruch (Passaic, NJ) 646-937-5264
Teaneck, NJ
Dr. Hillel Becker (Teaneck, NJ) 212-280-3289
Dr. Steven Finkelstein (Teaneck, NJ) 201-774-0200
Dr. Resa Fogel (Montclair & Teaneck, NJ) 973-931-8696
Debby Fox, LCSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-837-9090
Dr. Carol Glaser (Teaneck, NJ) 201-8338822
Dr. Michal Goldberg (Teaneck, NJ) 201-530-6528
Dr. Rena J. Goldin, PsyD (Teaneck, NJ) 201-725-7158
Dr. Leah Knapp (Teaneck, NJ) 201-362-5680
Dr. Evan Kroll (Teaneck, NJ) 201-357-2825
Dr. Alex Mondrow (Teaneck, NJ) 201-503-4803
Dr. Marc Staum, LCSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-952-4436
Laura Turk, LMSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-823-7933
West Orange and Livingston, NJ
Miranda Aaron, LCSW (Maplewood, NJ) 212-539-3672
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler, LCSW (West Orange) 973-975-7248
Sharon Zwickler, LCSW (West Orange, NJ) 973-975-7248
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Reuven Boshnack (Brooklyn, NY) 718-878-3588
Ari Kornblit, PhD (Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan, NY) 212-721-4608
Dvorah Levy, LCSW (Brooklyn, NY and Five Towns, NY) 516-660-7157
Rabbi Yaakov Salomon, CSW (Brooklyn, NY) 718-258-7096
Long Island, NY
Dr. Peryl Agishtein (Cedarhurst and Stony Brook, NY) 347-566-1472
Elisheva Liss- marriage/family therapist (Far Rockaway, NY) 646-248-0773
Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LMSW (Five Towns, NY) 516-224-7779
Dr. Yael Muskat (Oceanside, NY) 646-457-0606
Robin Niman (Five Towns, NY) 516 418 2757
Shaya Ostrov (Far Rockaway, NY) 718-614-4715
Rachel Pill, LCSW (Five Towns, NY) 516-612-3787
Dr. Sara Reichman (Five Towns, NY) 516-884-2808
Aviva Lauren Rizel, MA, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist (FiveTowns, NY) 347-292-8482
Manhattan, NY
Dr. Rochelle Ausubel (YU Counseling Center) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210
Dr. Shmuel Brodsky, Psy.D Manhattan: 212-726-2390; Teaneck, NJ: 201-406-3814
Aidel Buchwald (Manhattan, NY) 212-362-6516
Dr. Oshra Cohen (Manhattan, NY and Teaneck, NJ) 305-851-5637
Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen, Esq, MS (Manhattan, NY) 347-374-0643
Martin Galla, LCSW (YU Counseling Center) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210
Dr. Beth Hait, MS, Life Coach (Manhattan and Washington Heights, NY) 646-413-1327
Naomi Klapper, MA, LMHC (Manhattan, NY) 201-362-1642
Dr. Dena Rabinowitz (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-0163
Dr. Naftali Reich (Manhattan, NY) 212-557-5634
Dr. David Rosemarin (Manhattan, NY) 646-837-5557
Shuli Sandler, PsyD (Manhattan, NY) 646-374-8543
Yocheved Schachter, CSW (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-1052
Cyla Steinmetz (Manhattan, NY) 212-851-8953
Miriam Wietschner (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-9082
Cleveland, OH
Dr. Alex Bailey (Cleveland, OH) 201-457-2277
Shalom Task Force Pre-Marital Workshops 212-742-1478
Relief Referral Network– Rabbi Orenstein or Babad 718-431-9501
YU/Stern Counseling Center (Manhattan, NY) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210


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