YUConnects Consults

YUConnects Consults offers communities, synagogues or interested lay leaders the specialized services of professional relationship experts and the numerous resources of our established program. YUConnects expertise and experience can address the specific needs and challenges of a local community and work to develop tailored programs to promote healthy relationship building. Its professional staff will visit a community, arrange for a series of meetings or offer telephone/video support to those seeking its assistance. By structuring a comprehensive positive action plan to address the needs of the unmarried men and women in an area or by providing ideas in event planning and matchmaker training, YUConnects Consults offers much-needed practical guidance for those who seek its assistance.

Fee structure available upon request with discounts offered for synagogues and other non-profit organizations.

Some resources available:

  • Step-by-step guide to hosting a community Shabbaton
  • How to create a “Meet the Connector” night
  • Event Checklist
  • Staring a new shidduch group
  • A listing of professionals in the field

For more information, please contact Tova Klapper at yuconnects@yu.edu or 212-960-5400 x 6163.