Three Ways You Can Help

connect 1) Become a YUConnects Connector:  

Make your life – and someone else’s- more meaningful in just six hours a week!
A special feature of YUConnects is our cadre of outstanding “connectors” – a unique group of volunteer matchmakers. Ideal connectors have warm, friendly personalities and speak or meet with their assigned online members to suggest the best targeted matches. Most matches are made through our state-of-the-art matchmaking website and the connectors are trained at maximizing suggestions. Our website is powered through SawYouAtSinai with connectors having access to over 1900 members.  
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2) Empower your Community: 

Contact our office to start a singles initiative in your shul or community.
You can galvanize your synagogue members by starting a database, running brainstorming meetings, organize a singles event and many other activities. By leading your neighborhood and increasing networking opportunities, you can inspire others to work on matchmaking ideas for their family and loved ones. Contact Marjorie Glatt, Special Projects Coordinator, at

support 3) Sponsor an Event or Singles Activity- and get
merit for all the positive results!

Funding natural  and comfortable meeting opportunities is truly the ideal way to build future Jewish homes.  Commemorate and honor your loved one by supporting singles events or you can even donate confidentially towards the merit of an individual who is seeking their match.  Every good outcome will be the result of YOUR

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Now available:  Purchase tribute cards for any occasion for just $25 each.  Click here to learn more.

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