Taharat HaMishpacha Resources


Choosing the appropriate Chatan and Kallah teacher depends on the specific individuals and backgrounds. Here is a list of teachers who offer classes in the New York area. If you have questions about specific teachers or about Chatan and Kallah classes, please contact Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky at YUConnects@yu.edu.

Kallah Teachers:


Laurie  Corlin 718-951-9025 Brooklyn, NY
Zahava Harari 718-490-0811 Brooklyn, NY
Esther Tokayer 917-318-9587 Brooklyn, NY
Chana Reichman 201-658-9799 Englewood, NJ
Rebecca Belizon 516-382-5108 Fair Lawn, NJ
Tova Goldsmith 516 448 0861 Five Towns, NY
Debra Greene 516-680-9029 Five Towns, NY
Estee Lightstone 516-791-1349 Five Towns, NY
Robin Niman 240-381-7862 Five Towns, NY
Adina Waldman 516-567-6322 Five Towns, NY
Dr. Jessica Kalmar 414-540-9208 Glendale, WI
Batya Basalely 917-282-3741 Great Neck, NY
Abby Lerner 516 829 9421 Great Neck, NY
Alisa Schwartz 212-865-0909 or 917-439-6835 Manhattan, NY
Bonnie Shloush 917-750-8720 Manhattan, NY
Chana Becher 917-757-4322 Monsey, NY
Mindy Eisenman 646-599-6680 Monsey, NY
Rena Resnick 646-303-0117 Monsey, NY
Chani Maybruch 973-815-2051 Passaic, NJ
Dahlia Cohen 718-575-8242 Queens, NY
Sari Willig 917-562-3534 Riverdale, NY
Adina Morris 248-462-1511 Southfield, Michigan
Ruchie Brander 201-357-5712 Teaneck, NJ
Chavie Hagler 201-244-9150 Teaneck, NJ
Malka Jachter 201 837-1929 Teaneck, NJ
Peshi Neuburger 201-707-4726 Teaneck, NJ
Nechama Price 201-244-5715 Teaneck, NJ
Efrat Sobolofsky 646-831-0809 Teaneck, NJ
Yael Weil 201-836-4970 Teaneck, NJ
Ailie Schmulowitz 201-370-3497 Washington Heights, NY
Rebecca Schnall 212-927-0749 Washington Heights, NY
Ahuva Willig 212-795-3501 Washington Heights, NY
Sonya Beyderman 651-769-4727  West Orange, NJ
Talia Hindin 551-486-6213 Pelham Parkway, Bronx, NY

Chatan Teachers

Rabbi Josh Blass- 917-623-4711
Rabbi Chaim Jachter- 917-767-2490
Rabbi Baruch Simon – 917-803-1588


We strongly encourage our newly engaged and newly married to take the SHALOM workshop.