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Become a Connector​

Our Connectors are a group of men and women who devotedly search and assess profiles in the databases on behalf of their members. They communicate and establish strong relationships with their members to better tailor their searches. We offer instructional courses, videos and conferences calls to maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

10 Qualities needed to be a Connector:

1. Friendly: A Connector should be a real “people person.” They often call people they do not know–daters, parent or references. Warm and affable personalities make everyone comfortable; the best Connectors truly become friends and make deep connections.

2. Sensitive: Daters should be valued as accomplished individuals and not looked at in a “preachy way” or know-it-all attitude.

3. Time Commitment: This is essential. YUConnects requires each Connector to commit to a minimum of six hours per week to adequately meet the needs of their members. People count on their Connectors and the time needed is significant. Not only do the Connectors “simply” make suggestions, but they often mentor and support the young couple right up until their engagement, and even beyond.

4. Altruistic: Please don’t sign up to search simply for a relative. That makes a Connector focused on a narrow goal. The best Connectors are there to help for the greater good, and not for any ulterior motives.

5. Married and Mature: You don’t have to be a “senior,” but experience shows that better matchmakers are more established in their own marriage.

6. Technologically Competent: YUConnects provides a state-of-the-art matchmaking website. Training is provided, but Connectors should be comfortable with computers, texting and apps.

7. Upbeat: You are the best cheerleader for your members. Positive attitudes and friendly support are requirements.

8. Thick Skinned: Connectors cannot become discouraged. Many suggestions made by Connectors are ignored and it is natural that only a small percentage of suggestions result in marriage. Great Connectors keep plugging away…

9. Can Keep a Secret: Confidentiality is key. YUConnects prides itself on the professionalism of their volunteer Connectors. therefore, discretion and privacy concerns are paramount. Our Connectors know they must never reveal who their members are or what matches are being made.

10. Money is Not the Issue: Please don’t “volunteer” relying on shadchanus. When engagements are made, appreciative members and their families often recognize their hakarat hatov to Connectors with monetary gifts for their hard work and dedication. However chessed and building future homes are the ultimate true rewards to our devoted volunteers.

Please be advised that there is a waitlist of applicants to be a trained as new connectors. We appreciate your patience. 

To find out more about becoming a YUConnects Connector, please call our office at (646)592-4259 or email yuconnects@yu.edu.