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Gift Upon Engagement “Shadchanus”

It is customary for engaged couples or parents of the engaged couples to give a gift of shadchanus, celebrating and acknowledging the work of the shadchan involved. While an exact amount is not set by halacha, the amount varies by community practices and current trends. At YUConnects, we ask engaged couples or their parents to give a collective gift of $3,600 per couple, $1,800 to the volunteering matchmaker and $1,800 to YUConnects, the non-profit organization that enables each engagement. Once a couple gets engaged, couples receive an personalized email with the shadchanus information and the address of the matchmaker and the YUConnects office. 

Your gifts enables more marriages by supporting the vital work of the program and volunteering matchmakers.  

For a more detailed halachic and contemporary discussion of matchmaking fees click here or feel free to speak to your local rabbi.

Checks can be made payable to “YUConnects” and mailed to 500 West 185th Street, NYC, NY 10033, room 419. Click here for online donation.