CandiDate Podcast

Dating for marriage is a pivotal stage of life. Join YUConnects’ CandiDate twice a month in candid conversations, as our hosts navigate the Jewish dating scene with experts and influencers in the field. Whether you are currently dating, or know someone who is, this entertaining and educational podcast is the one for you.

Episode 4: What ARE you thinking? Be a Mindful Dater.

Tune in today for a novel, more mindful, approach to relationships with Rabbi Reuven Boshnack.
  • How can we relax and enjoy the moment?
  • What are the secret performance tips for every date?
  • How do other life decisions impact our presence?
 Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 3: The Great “Friend or Matchmaker” Debate

Two talented YUConnects matchmakers, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman and Mrs. Malky Galler, compare the advantages of being set up by friends or by matchmakers.
  • Who truly has your best interest at heart?
  • Are there privacy concerns?
  • Which details should be disclosed?
  • And- does jealousy, or stigma, play any role?
Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 2: Bashert: My One and Only?

A candid conversation about the meaning and relevance of “Bashert” with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin. Don’t miss this insightful and funny episode that’s sure to get you thinking! 
  • Which 3 factors should go into every relationship “checklist”?
  • Segulas- helpful or hurtful?
  • Do we have only one soulmate?
  • And if not, what does that mean for our dating journey?
Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 1: Becoming Masters, Not Disasters

Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner “cracks the code” for mastering our relationships. Hear his simple, yet winning, advice for every couple. 
  • How to send the perfect text.
  • Should we always resolve our conflicts?
  • What is the secret key to lasting intimacy?
Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs.

Episode 5: Coming March 3

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