CandiDate Podcast

Dating for marriage is a pivotal stage of life. Join YUConnects’ CandiDate twice a month in candid conversations, as our hosts navigate the Jewish dating scene with experts and influencers in the field. Whether you are currently dating, or know someone who is, this entertaining and educational podcast is the one for you.

Episode 22: The Best Investment

Listen as Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff discusses the importance of building a healthy relationship. This investment will surely pay high dividends in marital happiness.

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs.

Episode 21: Avoiding the Parent Trap

Join Dr. David Pelcovitz as he explores the best way for daters to balance their various influencers, including parents.

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 20: Date with Relish: A Gourmet’s View

Meet Celebrity Chef, Naomi Nachman, as she incorporates eating and food into relationships. Discover creative and helpful dating tips.

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 19: A Dater’s Perspective

Meet Zahava Moskowitz, host of the popular “Singled Out” podcast as she shares 5 important, but not obvious, insights for all to know.

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 18: Zoomed Relationships

Join Aleeza Ben Shalom, author and matchmaker, to learn about the possibilities and pitfalls of Zoom relationships. Best ways to remain together during the distance.

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 17: How to Engage while Engaged

The engagement period is often referred to as “The Twilight Zone.” Dr. Binyamin Tepfer guides couples on ways to take advantage of this special time and deepen their connection.

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 16: Planning our Future while Carrying the Past

Join Shevi Samet for a meaningful conversation about successfully dating with the backdrop of challenging experiences. What may be seen as a deficit can actually be our greatest strength!

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 15: Urban Dating

A conversation with Rabbi Marc Wildes of Manhattan Jewish Experience as he shares insights from the Upper West community. Dating lessons for all!

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 14: Beyond the Resume

Join Rabbi Efrem Goldberg for a frank discussion about questions posed during the pre-date discovery. What is appropriate to ask and what crosses the line? Understand the challenges to be part of the solution.

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 13: Wrong Measures: Do Age and Height matter?

Listen to Rabbi Dr. Noam Weinberg weigh in on expanding our potential pool of match ideas. Distinguish between needs and wants as we re-evaluate our assumptions. Personal anecdotes included!

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 12: “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

Listen to a therapist’s perspective on handling rejection. Rachel Pill, LMSW offers her unique insight with great advice.

  • Who should convey the news? 
  • Is there a way to soften the blow and make it productive?

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 11: Hello Mother, Hello Father: Relationships with In-laws

Listen as Mindy Eisenman, MSW, discusses boundaries, bonding and breaking stereotypes.

Host: Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 10: Breakups

A discussion with Rachel Hercman, LCSW about understanding the feelings we encounter while going through a breakup. Learn best tools to manage and move forward.

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 9: An Inside View of Matchmaking

Secrets to successful relationships with matchmakers. Featuring Lisa Elefant of Adopt a Shadchan and Efrat Sobolofsky of YUConnects. Parents will gain insight into the daily work of our volunteers leading to more matches for all.

Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 8: Are You Ready?

From total strangers to ready to marry, how should the dating process unfold?

Dr. Avi Muschel walks listeners through common scenarios
• What should you know and feel before saying “yes?”
• Constructive help by friends and family

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 7: Dating Anxiety: From Stress to Success

Does Social Anxiety about dating ever hold you back?
Prof. Naomi Nechama Klapper offers the listener fascinating insights and true dating anecdotes to easily-
  • uncover the causes of dating (and social) anxiety
  • discover 4 concrete solutions on overcoming relationship anxiety.
Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 6: How to Have a Conversation

Mr. Charlie Harary, an internationally known speaker, shares some fascinating insights for our listeners. Enjoy this far-reaching discussion on how to forge a deep connection with your date through conversation. No more awkward silences or Jewish geography necessary!  

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 5: Too Much Information? Genetic Testing for Daters

Who is genetic testing for, when should it be done, and do we need so much information? 

Estie Rose of JScreen explores these and more questions concerning a process that can save a lot of heartbreak… and lives.  

Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 4: What ARE you thinking? Be a Mindful Dater.

Tune in today for a novel, more mindful, approach to relationships with Rabbi Reuven Boshnack.
  • How can we relax and enjoy the moment?
  • What are the secret performance tips for every date?
  • How do other life decisions impact our presence?
 Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs

Episode 3: The Great “Friend or Matchmaker” Debate

Two talented YUConnects matchmakers, Mrs. Mindy Eisenman and Mrs. Malky Galler, compare the advantages of being set up by friends or by matchmakers.
  • Who truly has your best interest at heart?
  • Are there privacy concerns?
  • Which details should be disclosed?
  • And- does jealousy, or stigma, play any role?
Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 2: Bashert: My One and Only?

A candid conversation about the meaning and relevance of “Bashert” with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin. Don’t miss this insightful and funny episode that’s sure to get you thinking! 
  • Which 3 factors should go into every relationship “checklist”?
  • Segulas- helpful or hurtful?
  • Do we have only one soulmate?
  • And if not, what does that mean for our dating journey?
Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Episode 1: Becoming Masters, Not Disasters

Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner “cracks the code” for mastering our relationships. Hear his simple, yet winning, advice for every couple. 
  • How to send the perfect text.
  • Should we always resolve our conflicts?
  • What is the secret key to lasting intimacy?
Hosted by Rabbi Larry Rothwachs.

Episode 23: Coming Dec 15

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